How do I find my correct shoe size?

- You can check the size guide on our website, and the video below demonstrates how to use the shoe size guide effectively.

- Additionally, it's important to determine your foot shape. If you have a wider or flatter foot, please refer to our product description to determine whether you should stick to your normal size or choose a size larger.

How can I determine if I have a wider foot or flat feet?

Wider Feet or Flat Feet :

- If you've found that you need to go up a size in shoes to accommodate the width, even if the length is suitable.
Flat Feet.

- If your feet appear slightly wider than average and you can visibly see the sides of your feet bulging out of your shoes.

- If your entire foot touches the ground when you stand, it is called a fallen arch.

- If you've found that you have a protrusion of the big toe bone.

If you notice your shoes wearing out more on the inner side.

Do your sizes run true to standard measurements?

- We use European measurements, and our sizes are true to these standards. For instance, if you have a normal foot shape, you should select your usual size.

How do I care for and clean my shoes?

- We typically use faux leather, and for cleaning, you can apply shoe polish based on the color of the leather. Alternatively, use a shoe shine sponge.

- Please avoid using water, and make sure the shoes have a little ventilation when stored.

Do your shoes come with a cover or protector?

- Yes, it usually comes with a dust bag.

Do you use genuine leather or medical-grade insoles?

- We use cushioned insoles for comfort and high-quality materials for lightweight soles, ensuring extended wear without discomfort.

Will sold-out items be restocked?

- We usually restock specific items within 15 to 30 days maximum, and we announce it on our platforms.

Can I find detailed product information, including materials used?

- Yes, you can find this information in the product details section on the product page.

- For additional answers, please contact our customer service or submit your questions through our platforms.

Learn how to use the shoe size guide effectively.