Ordering & Shipping

How can I place an order?

- Access the product detail page to view the available colors, sizes, and price of the item. 

- Select the desired color and size, then click on "Add to Cart." 

- Proceed to check out by clicking on "Checkout," or you can continue shopping and add more  items. 

- Once you have finished shopping, click on "Checkout" and follow the on-screen instructions.

- Provide your contact information and shipping address, and then “continue to shipping” options.

- Select your preferred shipping method, insert any applicable discount codes or gift cards, and proceed to  payment. 

- Choose either a Debit, Credit Card (Visa or Mastercard), Installments, mobile wallets or Cash on Delivery (COD) option, add your billing address,  and then press "Complete Order." 

- Review your order details and click "Place your order" to finalize the purchase. 

- You will receive a confirmation email for your order with your order number and details .

How can I determine the delivery date? 

The estimated delivery date commences once we fulfill your order, and we will promptly send you an email update at that time.

The actual delivery duration may vary depending on the delivery location and your city. For Standard  Delivery orders: The order will typically arrive within 3 – 4 working days. To ensure a smooth shipping process, we  kindly ask our customers to provide a clear and detailed address and be available during the estimated delivery period, as specified in our policy.

Please be aware that delivery times might be delayed during official holidays, Black  Friday.

What is the shipping policy? 
  • All orders are subject to acceptance and availability, and there may be cases where orders cannot be processed.  
  • All pricing information on the Website is accurate at the time of going online. Opio retains the right to change prices and modify or remove any special offers from time to time, as necessary.  
  • Prices may be subject to change at any time. However, such changes will not affect orders for which we have already sent an order confirmation.  
  • Opio strives to provide accurate and comprehensive descriptions of the products. If you are not satisfied with the  product you ordered, you can return it according to the relevant provisions of our Return Policy. 
  • During specific occasions (e.g., Mother’s Day, Eid, Christmas) or periods of high demand (such as sale, campaigns), your order might take longer to be delivered. We appreciate your patience while we prepare your order for shipment.  
  • Please Note: The cut-off time for placing an order is at 1:00 pm. Orders placed after 1:00 pm will be processed on the  following working day. 
What are the shipping charges?

For Standard Shipping orders: The shipping fee for Standard Shipping is EGP 50

To ensure a smooth shipping process, we kindly request our customers to provide a clear and detailed address and be available during the estimated delivery time as specified in our policy.

Is it possible to open the package and return it immediately?

Unfortunately, opening the package and returning it immediately to the courier isn't possible. If you encounter any issues, please follow our Return Policy.

Can I delay the order delivery?

Once the courier gets in touch with you, you can discuss setting a delivery date and time that works for you. Our delivery partners will make three attempts to reach you during this time. If they were unable to reach you, unfortunately the order will be returned to us and canceled. You can then place a new order at your convenience.

Can I modify my order after I've placed it

We're really quick at packing your order up which means we can't make any changes once you've placed it. This includes removing or adding an item or changing payment method.

However, you can cancel your order and place a new one with the correct items instead.

To cancel your order, please send us an email to orders@opioshop.com


What happens if the item I ordered is unavailable/out of stock?

If the item you ordered is out of stock, we will promptly notify you of the situation. You'll have the choice to either wait for the item, if it will be restocked or explore alternative options that are available.

Our goal is to ensure you have a satisfying shopping experience, and we'll work with you to find the best solution. If your order has been paid for and you prefer not to select any other items, we will initiate a refund using the same payment method. Our aim is to make sure you have a seamless shopping experience, and we'll work closely with you to find the most suitable resolution.

Why has my order been returned to Opio or canceled?

If your order has been returned to Opio by one of our delivery partners, it’s likely to be for one of the following reasons:

- The parcel was refused.

- Our delivery partner was unable to access the address or reach you after several attempts.

- The delivery address was incomplete.

- The parcel was damaged in transit.

In the event of an order cancellation, we will send you an email notification. To make sure you stay informed about any updates or changes to your orders, please double check that your email address is accurate and up to date.

We’re really sorry your order hasn’t made it to you. If you’d still like the items and they’re still in stock, we recommend placing a new order to a delivery address that is easily accessible to our delivery partners.

What if my address is unclear or my mobile number is incorrect?

If your address details are unclear or your mobile number is incorrect, we recommend updating your information as soon as possible by emailing us at orders@opioshop.com

Having accurate contact details ensures that our delivery partners can reach you smoothly. If there are any issues with delivering your order due to unclear address or incorrect phone number, we will have to unfortunately cancel the order. Please take a moment to ensure your information is accurate to avoid any potential inconvenience.

What does receiving a confirmation email signify?

Receiving a confirmation email is a significant step in the order process. It indicates that your order request has been successfully received and registered in our system. This confirmation assures you that we're preparing to fulfill your order and get it ready for shipment. The confirmation email will also contain important details such as your order number and a breakdown of the items you've purchased. As we progress with your order, we'll keep you updated on its status through email notifications.

Return and Exchange Policy

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What is Opio's return and exchange policy? 

You have the right to return or exchange your order within 14 days of receiving it. To ensure  your return or exchange is processed smoothly, please adhere to our Return Policy guidelines: 

• Returned items must  be in their original, unused condition, with the original packaging. We cannot accept items that have been worn,  damaged, washed, or altered in any way. 

• Please submit a return request before sending back any items; we do not accept returns without a prior request.  

• It is not possible to open the package upon delivery and return it immediately to the courier. If you encounter any  issues, please follow our Return Policy.  

• Exchanges and Returns are free of charge.  

• Products can be returned if they incur physical damage during the shipping process. 

• Products can be returned if you receive a wrong/different item than the one you ordered.  

• If you wish to return a single item from a bundled package, you must return the entire bundle and place a new order. In this case, you will be able to exchange the size only. 

What should I do if I receive a defective or incorrect item? 

If you receive a defective or incorrect item, we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we're here to assist you. Please follow these steps:

  • Reach out to our customer experience team via email orders@opioshop.com within 2 days of order receipt. Provide your order number and explain the issue you've encountered and include clear photos of the defective or incorrect item. This will help us understand the situation better and expedite the resolution process.
  • Fill in then the exchange form
  • Our team will coordinate for item pickup to inspect it and work towards a suitable resolution. This could involve sending you a replacement item, initiating a return process, or offering a refund based on the specific situation.
  • Our aim is to ensure that you're satisfied with the final outcome and that your shopping experience with us is a positive one.
How does the return/exchange process work? 

Please follow the below steps

1- Submit the Request: If you're looking to return or exchange an item, please fill in the return or exchange request forms or contact our customer support team through email orders@opioshop.com. Please mention your order number, the name of the item(s) you are returning/ exchanging, and the reasons for the return/exchange.

2- Prepare the Item: Safely pack the item you're returning or exchanging, making sure to include all original tags and packaging. The better the condition of the item, the smoother the process will be.

3- Arrange Pickup: Our shipping partner will get in touch with you within 4 to 7 working days to arrange the pickup of the item you're returning. They will specify a convenient time for the pickup.

4- Quality Check: Once we receive the returned item, our team will conduct a thorough quality check. This step is crucial to ensure the item is in the expected condition.

5- Choose Your Preference: If you're exchanging the item, you can specify the size or alternative item you'd like to receive. If you're returning the item for a refund, we'll process it as per our refund policy.

6- Receive the Exchange/Refund: Once the quality check is completed and your preference is confirmed, we will proceed to ship the new item (for exchanges) or initiate the refund process (for returns) as per our policies.

7-Stay Updated: Throughout this process, we'll keep you informed via email about the progress of your return/exchange. You can always reach out to our customer support team if you have any questions or concerns on orders@opioshop.com

The overall return/exchange process typically takes around 14 working days, factoring in the steps involved, from initiating the request to receiving the exchange or refund. Our goal is to make this process as smooth and hassle-free as possible, ensuring you have a positive experience with Opio.

Which items are non-returnable?

The following products cannot be returned to ensure the safety of Opio customers:  

• Items that have been used, ironed, worn, washed, altered, damaged, or are not in their original condition.  

• Shoes that are not returned in their original box.  

• Items from which the brand tag or price tag has been removed.  

•  Swimwear, scarves,  jewelry, Opio Gift Card and accessories.

How will I receive my refund?

Opio is committed to ensuring that you receive your refund within a span of 14 working days. Refunds are initiated within this time-frame after we've received the returned items in our warehouse.

Rest assured, the refund will be processed for the amount you initially paid for the items. During promotional periods, the refund will be adjusted based on the price you originally paid.

Here is how you will receive your refund;

* Credit Card Payment: If you made the payment using a credit card, the refund will be processed back to the same credit card you used for the purchase. It might take a few days for the refunded amount to reflect in your account, depending on your bank's processing time.

* Cash Payment: If you paid in cash, you have a few options for receiving your refund:

- Bank Transfer: Provide us with your full name, bank name, branch, and International Bank Account Number (IBAN) for the refund.

- Gift Card: Opt for a full refund in the form of a gift card provided by Opio that you can redeem anytime.

- Egypt Post Offices: Choose to receive your refund through Egypt Post Offices by presenting a valid ID number. Please note that a transaction fee of 15 EGP will be deducted from the refunded amount.

In accordance with the regulations set by the Consumer Protection Agency (CPA) and the Central Bank of Egypt, it may take between 7 to 14 days for the refunded amount to reflect in your bank account. The exact duration is subject to your bank's processing time.

Our aim is to make sure you have a seamless and transparent refund process. If you have any inquiries or need clarification, our customer support team is always available to assist you.

What happens if my item does not pass the quality check? 

If your item does not pass the quality check, we will attempt to return it to you. If you are unavailable to receive it,  the item will be marked as damaged, and we will dispose of it accordingly.

Can I order online and return the item in-store?

Yes, you can ensure the item is in original condition with all labels and the box.

How can I get refunded if I order an online order and return it in-store?

If you paid cash, you get refunded through ( Bank, Voucher, Instapay).
If you paid by card, you would get refunded through the same payment method you used.
I you paid by premium card, Symbl you will get refunded through the same payment method you used.
You will drop off the item in-store and receive a receipt that we received your item, and you will get refunded within 3 working days.

What is the process if I want to return a defective item that I ordered online in the store?

If you received a defective item and did not reach our customer service and went directly to the store you will drop off your item and you will receive a receipt and we will get back to you within 3 working days with the concerned team update.

Can I do an exchange from the store?

You can only do a return from the store for now we will let our customers know if they can exchange from the store.

More Info About Footwear

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How do I find my correct shoe size?

- You can check the size guide on our website, and the video below demonstrates how to use the shoe size guide effectively.

- Additionally, it's important to determine your foot shape. If you have a wider or flatter foot, please refer to our product description to determine whether you should stick to your normal size or choose a size larger.

How can I determine if I have a wider foot or flat feet?

Wider Feet or Flat Feet :

Wide Feet:
- If you've found that you need to go up a size in shoes to accommodate the width, even if the length is suitable.

Flat Feet:
- If your feet appear slightly wider than average and you can visibly see the sides of your feet bulging out of your shoes.
- If your entire foot touches the ground when you stand, it is called a fallen arch.
- If you've found that you have a protrusion of the big toe bone.
- If you notice your shoes wearing out more on the inner side.

Do your sizes run true to standard measurements?

- We use European measurements, and our sizes are true to these standards. For instance, if you have a normal foot shape, you should select your usual size.

How do I care for and clean my shoes?

- We typically use faux leather, and for cleaning, you can apply shoe polish based on the color of the leather. Alternatively, use a shoe shine sponge.

- Please avoid using water, and make sure the shoes have a little ventilation when stored.

Do your shoes come with a cover or protector?

- Yes, it usually comes with a dust bag.

Do you use genuine leather or medical-grade insoles?

- We use cushioned insoles for comfort and high-quality materials for lightweight soles, ensuring extended wear without discomfort.

Will sold-out items be restocked?

- We usually restock specific items within 15 to 30 days maximum, and we announce it on our platforms.

Can I find detailed product information, including materials used?

- Yes, you can find this information in the product details section on the product page.

- For additional answers, please contact our customer service or submit your questions through our platforms.